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Please see below a listing of all the product categories that you can explore here on our website. Spacelogic® has a comprehensive range of healthcare storage systems and solutions that will meet your professional requirements and elevate your organisation to meet Australian best practice as well as global standards for infection control. We are the gold standard and we work hard, every day, to keep it that way.

STERIRACK™ System - Racking​

STERIRACK™ System – a racking solution that’s being raved about across healthcare. This unique system has been design and developed by Spacelogic® using feedback from healthcare professionals. We’ve attended to all aspects of best practice, and have paid particular attention to infection control standards. This product is known as the gold standard – with features and benefits like no other product on the market. Click the button below to find out more about STERIRACK™ and discover exactly what this innovation can deliver.

STERIRACK™ System - Benching

The premier benching solution designed and developed by Spacelogic® using feedback from healthcare professionals. We’ve attended to all aspects of best practice, and have paid particular attention to infection control standards. Includes stainless steel benchtop and splashback, with 2-Bay right up to 8-Bay configurations, or a tailor-made solution specifically designed to fit and suit your facility. Do away with old, tired and non-compliant timber joinery. Click the button below to find out more about STERIRACK™ Benching.

STERIRACK™ System - Workstations

There’s a new trend in healthcare storage and it’s all about replacing expensive, fixed, space-limiting, hard-to-clean, outdated timber joinery with something amazing — a streamline, flexible, adjustable and manoeuvrable system that meets global best practice, is compliant with Australian standards and provides optimal infection control. Our STERIRACK™ System is the premier product for your transformation. Call to arrange a meeting with our experienced and professional consultants and let us update your space today.

STERIRACK™ System - Pharmacy Shelving

Pharmacy shelving is now available for our Sterirack™ System, creating an all-in-one fully integrated medications storage solution for Pharmacies and Healthcare. Roll-out pharmacy drawers now seamlessly integrate with baskets and shelving to create versatile, modular solutions for a multiplicity of applications.

STERIRACK™ System - Accessories

Let’s face it, in today’s world it’s become an imperative for organisations to adapt quickly in response to changing needs. STERIRACK™ System can be adjusted at any time – using STERIRACK™ Accessories – making this fully integrated solution a game changer worldwide. Now healthcare facilities can enjoy a fit-for-purpose STERIRACK™ solution fitted with just the right accessories, and can rest assured that their investment is future-proof because other accessories can be purchased at any time and delivered straight to their door. Achieve a fit-for-purpose solution, anytime, using the STERIRACK™ System and STERIRACK™ Accessories.

STERIRACK™ Click 'n' Clip Label Holders - Colour coding

Vastly improve the efficiency of your ward and implement best practice search and retrieval protocols using Spacelogic coloured label holders with your Medibin™ and Sterirack™ Systems. Click ‘n’ Clip label holders are an innovation brought to you by the Spacelogic® design team and inspired by feedback from our healthcare colleagues all over Australia. Innovative Click ‘n’ Clip label holders click together both vertically and horizontally, and clip to the front of STERIRACK™ baskets and shelving.


Our STERIRACK™ Trolleys are our flagship products and contain all the innovations that make STERIRACK™ famous. Nurses and clinical staff across the country are truly excited about our trolleys, which can be customised and accessorised to meet every requirement, and integrate seamlessly with STERIRACK™ storage installations (see above). STERIRACK™ Trolleys are available in a huge variety of heights, widths and depths for every application within healthcare. Choose from a broad range of accessories such as standard or fine mesh baskets, shelves, drop-in bins, dividers, colour-coded label holders, post strips and more.

STERIRACK™ System - Sterile Instrument Storage

Utilise a combination of flat and step shelves to increase your storage capacity by 33%, and meet infection control standards by having one sterile pack per shelf. These trays are 100% accessible 100% of the time. Eliminate the WHS risk that comes with heavy mobile compactus style units. Meet best practice and infection control guidelines by using STERIRACK™ with flat and step shelves for storage of sterile packs.

STERIRACK™ System - Overhead Rail Units

Although overhead rail units are not always the answer for maximising space or reducing WHS risk, and are regularly being replaced with STERIRACK™ racking systems, these rail units definitely have a purpose and are very well suited in particular applications. Fully customisable in size, utilising baskets and/or flat shelving. We’d be very happy to walk you through this on your next project. Speak with our consultants about the pros and cons of implementing overhead rail units in your facility.

STERIRACK™ System - Thermoplastic Benching

An application specific workbench for the storage, preparation and application of thermoplastic procedures. These workbenches can be customised in length and configuration of baskets and dividers. The configurations are endless! Storage for tools and consumables. Vertical storage of thermoplastic sheets for easy selection and retrieval. A subtly positioned replaceable cutting inlay in the Staron® work area.

STERIRACK™ System - Orthopaedic Storage

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the latest, cutting edge storage solutions, Spacelogic® has developed the STERIRACK™ Orthopaedic Equipment Storage System – just perfect for crutches, frames, CAMBoots and all those awkward items that typically create a frustrating mess in your storage room.
Call Spacelogic® today to discuss your requirements and have a custom made STERIRACK™ Orthopaedic Equipment Storage System installed at your facility, then sit back and admire your work!
We’re revolutionising your world, and we love it!


The MEDIPANEL™ System has a high quality chrome finish and wire construction, removing the risk of dust accumulation. Looped wire eliminates sharp edges, giving a smooth feel and finish, eliminating the risk of potential cuts, scratches and product damage. Medipanel is available in 4 sizes to enable maximum usage of storage space. Also available in this range are MEDIBIN™ and MEDITROLLEY™.

Pharmacy Systems

Pharmaspace™ is an ergonomic shelving system created specifically for health professionals – the perfect solution for storage and retrieval in a pharmacy situation and wherever boxes and bottles of medicated tablets, powders and liquids are stored. Pharmaspace™ includes shelving, cabinets and workstations.

Shelving Systems

Longspan shelving, plastic shelving, wire shelving and steel shelving – Spacelogic has a solution to match your needs. Check out our modular and durable solutions for a wide range of storage requirements. Most systems can be converted into mobile storage units and some can be utilised for mezzanine floor areas. Various depths, lengths and heights are available, and we can accommodate single unit purchases, or entire facility installations.

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